Frequently Asked Questions

DO i Need An Architect?

No, Most homes are designed by residential designers. After the home is designed, a structural engineer will need to provide structural plans for the home. 

I don't have a lot of experience in home design, can someone help me figure out where to start?

Yes, we offer FREE consultation for you project design. We walk you through all the options so that you feel completely comfortable with your decisions.


No, We feel the need to respect each client’s design privacy. We want your home to be individually special. 

I have a lot of design ideas that I found on the internet. Could I use some of them?

Absolutely. Many ideas are a combination of multiple plans or designs from other projects.

Will I know what my plans will cost before we start designing?

Absolutely, There are no hidden fees. we don’t bill you for anything that isn’t discussed prior to your consent. 

More Home Design Questions? Reach out, We'll be glad to help!

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