Your Design Process

  • Schematic Design Phase

    In the first phase, we discuss with the homeowner about the overall home design as well as any specific requirements they might have. Some essential things that are covered are the size of the home, the style of design, number of bed/bathrooms and any other special needs. While homeowners usually come to us with their wishes and researched ideas; we help them by giving a concrete shape to those ideas in the design process.

    Just like our clients, we do our research about a few things as well. Any legal guidelines as per the rules of the particular county and local housing requirements are to be taken care of at this stage for a smooth process later on. We also need a survey by a licensed surveyor so that we are aware of any building restrictions and come up with a plan that accommodates all the regulations.

    This phase is not only the most important step in the design process but also is the most entertaining for the homeowner. Once we have all the details down, we provide the homeowner with a floor plan that has all the room names and sizes along with the front elevation. The homeowner goes through the design and once they approve it, we proceed on to the next phase in the process.

  • Design Development Phase

    The design development phase starts with discussions about the building materials to be used for both the home interior and the exterior. A plan with the structural dimensions of the home along with other essential information will be shared with the homeowner for their review and additional input if any.

    Next electrical and floor plans will be shared with the client. These plans are especially important as they are usually used to apply for bank loans or in the bidding process. The design development phase ends with us providing our client with a partial detailed floor plan, an electrical plan, and particulars about all four elevations. These plans help the homeowner to have a fairly detailed idea about the home's internal and external design components.

  • Construction Documents

    This is the final step in the three-phase design process. During this time all the points discussed in the previous meetings with the homeowner are consolidated into detailed plans. While our plans usually do not come with the structural engineering details, they can be provided by our licensed engineers at an extra charge. The plans provided during this time are as follows:

    · Floor plan
    · Foundation plan
    · Roof plan
    · Electrical plan
    · Elevation details
    · Site plan
    · Window and Door flashing details
    · Wall sections
    · Cut sections (if discussed previously)

Any other details requested by the client.

On receiving approval from our client, we provide them with both the digital CAD files and the PDF versions of the plans for bidding.

Services like truss engineering and getting building permits are not provided by us. Others like structural engineering recommendations and energy calculations are provided but at an additional cost.

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